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"Come - you have found your way home - enjoy and be at peace."  Gururaj Ananda Yogi - founder

Welcome home beloveds … today is a turning point in your life, in your evolution, for greater happiness and fulfilment … you have come to meditation – a pure form of yoga – to unite yourself with your Self … be free to accept and therein lies your freedom … you can discover what you are and, when you accept what you really are, nothing can ever hurt you – suffering ceases … meditation can help you liberate yourself in this way … I cannot do it for you but I will shine light and truth on your path … I am not to be worshipped; I’m just like a tube through which energy flows – you can draw on that energy or you can just leave it – I will never, ever judge you and I will never let you down … come beloveds, enjoy and be at peace … Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.”

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British Meditation Society is an information bureau. For tuition, we point you to links with those who were trained by us or by Gururaj himself or his highly competent teachers.

We taught many thousands of satisfied meditators voluntarily on Gururaj’s behalf during the years 1976 to 2010 and are providing here everything Gururaj taught in the UK, including advice on meditation effectiveness and misconceptions, articles by some of his chelas (students), video extract links and lots of the most essential ingredient of all - the Teachings. The teachings are even more important than the techniques, once you are established in meditation, because they empower you to grow in stature and self-direction, leading yourself to the goal of non-suffering - known as self-realisation.

This website can be used by meditators and teachers or by browsing non-meditators. We intend to be as thorough as Guruji himself, who came from a pure lineage of spiritual masters and we intend to keep information published, refreshed and updated indefinitely through our family links, which include relatives who were close to Gururaj when they were children.

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'BE YOURSELF' is the underlying message of meditation

Self-Help    Self-Love   Self-Worth   Self-Reliance   Self-Confidence   Self-Acceptance   Self-Motivation   Self-Determination   Self-Calm   Self-Assurance   Self-Fearlessness   Self-Assertion   Self-Potential   Self-Responsibility   Self-Harmony   Self-Improvement   Self-Fulfilment   Self-Radiance   Self-Change   Self-Excellence   Self-Forgiveness   Self-Power   Self-Discipline   Self-Supremacy   Self-Kindness   Self-Healing   Self-Appreciation  Self-Direction   Self-Awareness   Self-Reconditioning   Self-Evolution   Self-Containment  Self-Expression   Self-Realisation

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absoluteness – acceptance – attachment – awareness – affirmations – angels – avatars – bliss – be yourself – being – bhakti – focus – change – consciousness – conscious-effort (incl. mindfulness) – contemplation – channelling – creation – dreams – death – duality – dimensions – discrimination – divinity – dharma – ego – evolution – existence – fear – focussing – fourth state – grace – guru – god – here/now – healing – health-improvement – individuality –  illusion – intellect – joy – karma – kundalini – letting go – liberation – love – manifestation – maya – meditation – mergence – mindfulness (awareness & focus) – mystics – observing (oneself) – particles – patterning – peace – pranayama  – predestination – progeneration – Ramakrishna – RamanaMaharshi – realisation – rebirth – relationships – samskaras(impressions) – seeker & path – self-help – self-reliance – self-responsibility – shakti – soul – spirit – subtle body – subtle-energy – suffering(removal of) – super-conscious – thoughts – transcending – time – truth – truth facing – tratak – unfoldment – unconditioning – universal-mind – visualisation – Vivekananda – yama – yoga


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